Função Localização
Comerciante Aaragon
Rashid Local


Ele (a) Compra Preço
Ancient Amulet 200 gold
Beastslayer Axe 1500 gold
Bone Shield 80 gold
Brutetamer's Staff 1500 gold
Castle Shield 5000 gold
Crocodile Boots 1000 gold
Crystal Sword 6000 gold
Daramanian Mace 110 gold
Daramanian Waraxe 1000? gold
Dark Shield 400 gold
Demon Shield 30000 gold
Devil Helmet 1000 gold
Diamond Sceptre 3000 gold
Dragon Scale Mail 40000 gold
Dragon Slayer 15000 gold
Dragonbone Staff 3000 gold
Dwarven Armor 20000 gold
Furry Club 1000 gold
Golden Armor 20000 gold
Golden Legs 70000 gold
Heave Machete 90 gold
Krimhorn Helmet 200 gold
Leopard Armor 1000 gold
Light Shovel 300 gold
Magic Plate Armor 150000 gold
Mammoth Fur Cape 6000 gold
Mammoth Whopper 300 gold
Mastermind Shield 50000 gold
Medusa Shield 9000 gold
Pirate Boots 3000 gold
Pirate Hat 1000 gold
Pirate Knee Breeches 200? gold
Pirate Shirt 500 gold
Ragnir Helmet 400 gold
Sacarab Amulet 200 gold
Scarab Shield 2000 gold
Shadow Sceptre 5000 gold
Silver Dagger 500 gold
Skull Helmet 40000 gold
Steel Boots 20000 gold
Taurus Mace 500 gold
Tortoise Shield 150 gold
War Axe 9000 gold
Wyvern Fang 1500 gold
Ele (a) Vende Preço

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